Cardano Enters Crypto Top 10 As CEO Hoskinson Grilled Over Riot Comments

The strongest altcoin of the past week was clearly Cardano (ADA), which has risen by as much as 50% in recent days. As a result, the cryptocurrency climbed back to February 2020 levels, clearing all losses from the March 12 (Black Thursday) market crash and re-entered the top 10 of biggest crypto coins by market capitalization value.

How come Cardano has risen so much? From a fundamental perspective, a new roadmap for the release of Shelley has been completed and presented, which clearly shows investors where the project is headed and what is driving a further rise in the Cardano course.

Charles Hoskinson takes heat

Meanwhile, IOHK (Input Output HongKong) CEO Charles Hoskinson is getting some heat for the side he chooses in the political deadlock in the United States.

Hoskinson, who previously worked alongside Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin, increasingly expresses himself as a conservative on par with President Trump and Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

In recent days, expressing his appreciation for President Trump and his response to the riots that have now spread all over the US, the CEO of Instapage, an advertising company based in San Franciso, replied:

‘Fuck Trump and fuck your bias Charles. You could care less about the average person. You got lucky in a crypto boom, made more than a hundred million, bought a bunch of properties, moved to a tax haven, and then post ignorant libertarian garbage daily while the world burns.’

Mr Tyson Quick, CEO of Instapage, has since deleted that tweet and apologized.

Tensions are clearly high in the US right now. Fortunately for Charles all is going well for Cardano.


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