Angry Mexicans ‘Burn’ Cop During Violent ‘Giovanni López’ Protests

Residents of Guadalajara, the capital city of the state of Jalisco, protested violently against police brutality after a man called Giovanni López was beaten to death by security forces for not wearing a face mask. It is alleged that both police and the local politicians (among whom Governor Enrique Alfaro) tried to bribe the man’s family for not speaking up about his death.

Mexicans on social media have compared the growing protests over the death of Giovanni Lopez, a 30-year-old builder, to the protests in the US over the death of George Floyd.

Comments on social media were: ‘for those of you who are unaware, jalisco residents protested over the murder of giovanni lopez at the hands of police today. giovanni died of head trauma.’

Others stated: ‘Giovanni was tortured and killed for not wearing a face mask and his murder was covered up by the govenor of jalisco, enrique alfaro. the police tried bribing his family and threated to kill if they released this video, pls share if you see this !!’

Mexicans worldwide have showed their support for the movement against police violence using the Twitter hashtag “#JusticiaParaGiovanni,” or “Justice for Giovanni.” 

A viral video of his arrest is what sparked the outrage. As bystanders are pleading for his release, Giovanni is placed inside a police van.

In the video, a witness asks “Just for not a wearing a mask?” as a policeman responds “He was resisting.”

Mexican stars join protest

Multiple Mexican celebrities have in the meantime already joined the protest and are calling for an investigation.

‘Justice for Giovanni Lopez, who was detained in Mexico by 10 policemen for allegedly not wearing a mask,’ Mexico-born Salma Hayek wrote on Instagram.


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