Pentagon Plans Worldwide Revolution With Bitcoin In A Leading Role

A Pentagon document that envisions a global revolution against current rulers is made topical by the George Floyd and Black Lives Matter protests that are taking place everywhere. In 2018, the US Department of Defense already thought, in a so-called “wargame” scenario, that during the 2020s, young people would rob banks and companies and convert the money into Bitcoin.

Generation Z

Given that statues were torn apart and destroyed for the first time yesterday, it looks like the younger generation really wants change. It is therefore so much more interesting to see that the Pentagon planners had already prepared the next steps. Most importantly, the protests are just a first step in a global revolution according to the planning document, and the really interesting steps follow later.

Generation Z, the youths born mostly after 1996, would launch a global revolution in the 2020s, according to the Pentagon 2018 document, beginning with rallies and protests in U.S. cities. Their dissatisfaction is mainly due to the lack of opportunities and injustice they recognize in the current system. Given the economic depression that has caused Covid-19, this does indeed sound very topical.


But then the interesting part comes of course. According to the Pentagon planners, the‘rebellion gradually turns into a global cyber campaign to expose injustice and corruption.’

‘Those involved in the rebellion are trained to use malware to steal money from corporations, banks, or any other institutions Generation Z doesn’t like. The funds are then converted into Bitcoin and distributed to those who need it in order to combat income inequality.’

The Revolution of Generation Z is described in the press as a Zbellion, according to the Pentagon. An interesting theory, and a document that, given current events, will cause quite a stir.

Let us be clear, even though there are global protests and growing unemployment, it is unlikely that a global revolution will come. But it does make it clear that today’s US rulers are aware of how little respect young people have for banks and companies that only pursue a profit, and how much respect there is for Bitcoin.

At the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading at $ 9,700 and the most famous crypto is still looking positive for the year. The stock markets are still trying to find the January level.

We have said it before, of course, even if there is a pandemic and there are disasters, 2020 is above all a very interesting year.

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