Are Viral Social Media Posts About Covid-19’s 6666 Bill True?

Just like Microsoft engineers who couldn’t think of a better series of numbers to pick for their human crypto mining technology, the United States Democrats, who control the House of Congress, chose to introduce a House Resolution regarding Covid-19 testing and tracing with a number combination that is … wait for it…. 6666.

In times of conspiracy theories, insecurity about Covid-19 pandemic, economic hardship and viral social media posts, they could have of course picked a better numbers combination in order not to obtain online rumors, but this is what they did.

86% of world still religious

With some 86% of the world believing in some sort of higher power ruling over us all, it is strange that politicians would not make the distinction between introducing a legal text carrying  the number 666 (considered to be a reference to Satanism) and a pandemic that frightens many people and has spawned multiple conspiracy theories.

Unfortunately that is exactly what happened. bill H.R. 6666, introduced by Democratic Congressman Bobby Rush and also known as the COVID-19 Testing, Reaching, And Contacting Everyone (TRACE) Act, has led to the strangest conspiracy theories now roaming the web.

According to some of the rumors, the bill will allow the government to forcibly enter homes, test and remove family members, including children, to be taken into quarantine.

In the US, the fake story was accompanied by the message that “Nancy Pelosi is trying to pass a law called HR6666. If this passes, strangers can come into your house and take (by force if needed) your family members including your children to a quarantined area.”

Microsoft also picked a bad number

Of course the Democrats couldn’t have picked a worse number combination to pass a law which involves contact tracing, but they did, just like Microsoft engineers who probably thought it would be funny to pick number combination WO202060606 for their human crypto mining technology.

By now, after passing through the US and Europe, the messages (which are fake) about the 6666 bill are being passed around in the (overwhelmingly Catholic) Philippines, where media site Rappler had to publish a disclaimer explaining to the public that the claims were of course false.

A series of screenshots of a conversation on Facebook Messenger, which was widely shared in the Philippines, said that the US would soon release a vaccine for the disease which has a microchip, thus combining the conspiracy theory about Bill Gates with the bill introduced by the Democrats.

The viral social media posts then state that ‘US officials will forcibly enter homes to administer the vaccine with a microchip. This will be made legal through House Resolution 6666. The vaccine with a microchip will soon be released here. That’s why you shouldn’t get vaccinated when it becomes available in the Philippines because they’ll use a different kind of needle, the kind with a microchip that’s similar to what they use in Europe. Tell all your loved ones. What’s happening isn’t a joke. This virus is their way of implementing microchips.’

Once again, let us be clear, this is a conspiracy theory and none of this is true.

Bill Gates helped launch the conspiracy

Problem for Microsoft founder Bill Gates is that he unknowingly helped start the rumours himself. In March of this year, when his Ted speech warning about a possible pandemic was going viral, Mr Gates participated in an Ask Me Anything session on Reddit about the subject of COVID-19.

When a user asked him how businesses will operate moving forward, Gates said, “Eventually we will have some digital certificates to show who has recovered or been tested recently or when we have a vaccine who has received it.”

Certain Reddit users then understood that Gates would like to insert digital certificates into the vaccines and thing quickly snowballed from there.

By June, Bill Gates was forced to explain to reporters that “I’ve never been involved in any sort of microchip-type thing.”

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