Why Does China’s Biggest Box Office Hit Feature A ‘Virus Pandemic’?

China’s biggest ever grossing film is called ‘Wolf Warrior 2’ and was released in 2017. The follow-up to 2015’s first Wolf Warrior is a rather simple story which seems to have ripped off famous scenes from former 1980s and 1990s box office hits in the US and molded these into a major shoot-em-up action flick. Think Rambo, Fast and Furious and Commando all rolled into one.

This time the mercenaries are led by American Big Daddy (Frank Grillo), the ruthless leader of the mercenary Dyon Corps.

Rambo III versus Russian Helicopters

The film’s hero, Leng Feng, who portrays a retired Chinese commando, uses a home-made crossbow to take on African mercenaries armed with tanks (if you would replace African mercenaries with tanks by Russian soldiers with helicopters, I’m sure everyone who was a teenager in 1988 would recognize Rambo III) which are led by a group of racist Americans.

Leng of course singlehandedly takes out the tanks and then kills their American boss who yells at him: “People like you will always be inferior to people like me.”

The scene which seemed to please Chinese politicians the most was when the warships of the People’s Liberation Army are headed towards a war-torn, pandemic-stricken corner of Africa to where it will rescue Chinese citizens. On it’s way there, it passes American warships who are fleeing in the opposite direction.

The reason I know this is because the movie has in the past month been mentioned in the Financial Times editorial, a piece by the Economist and the style that the LA Times says the Chinese government has now been upholding to respond to the world’s media attacks on them with regards to the Covid-19 spread.

By some strange coincidence, the full film has been put on YouTube three weeks ago:

Lamanla Virus

Furthermore, it is quite remarkable to note that in the 2017 movie (which was planned years before of course) the story shows how Africa is being torn by a virus from which only China can save it. As noted by a Japanese critic of the film, it presents the Chinese as the new saviour of Africa, redefining the White Saviour Complex. Firstly, it is a Chinese doctor, Dr. Chen, who invents the antidote for the Lamanla virus – a crucial plot element in the film. This antidote survives the exploits of Leng Feng, who arrives just in time to save it via Dr. Smith. In turn, it is Dr. Smith, a Chinese American, who administers the antidote’s first trial on Leng Feng, a Chinese superhero, who caught the virus while working for a good cause. Moreover, the only hospital in the film, St. Francis, is funded by the Chinese.

Wikipedia explains that the movie shows how “symptoms include the sudden onset fever, hallucinations, lesions, cold sweats. It is a fatal virus that’s transmitted through direct human contact. Upon contraction, death strikes between four hours and five months.”

Of course the Chinese end up saving the day and finding the antidote to the virus. Given the happenings of 2020, American diplomats wishing to understand the way of thinking of the current Chinese government with regards to HongKong, Taiwan, the border dispute with India and the trade war with the US, they might want to have a look at it. We’re sure a Chinese version of Netflix will present a dubbed movie soon.

Google top search result for Lamanla virus

Or The Washington Post, who mentioned the movie and it’s virus development plot, could just check it’s own old articles again and find put why they didn’t find the virus link earlier. I believe they discussed the movie and it’s deadly virus plot… in march of this year.

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