EU Claims ‘Russia and China’ Are Running ‘Disinformation Campaigns’

In a clear policy shift, the EU commission spokeswoman blamed both China and Russia to be behind a ‘huge wave’ of Covid-19 disinformation in the 27 Member States of the Economic bloc.

It is a remarkable tear away for Brussels that now shifts position and seems to accuse the Xi Jinping government in Beijing for first time of running false campaigns.

Whereas Europe had seemed to be in a waiting position as of late due to the uncertainty of the outcome of presidential elections in the US (3 November 2020), Brussels had refused to lay blame on China’s doorstep for the spread of ‘fake’ Covid-19 information but has now changed gears.

Vĕra Jourová, European commission vice-president stated that she believes ‘if we have evidence we should not shy away from naming and shaming. What we also witnessed is a surge in narratives undermining our democracies and in effect our response to the crisis, for example the claim there are secret US biological laboratories on former Soviet republics has been spread by both pro-Kremlin outlets, as well as Chinese officials and state media.”

“I strongly believe that a geopolitically strong EU can only materialise if we are assertive.”

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