Nigel Farage Fired For Comparing Black Lives Matter To Taliban

British radio station LBC stopped the program of politician Nigel Farage. Earlier this week, he compared the Black Lives Matter protests to the work of the Taliban, which, according to British media, is the reason for his dismissal. During a debate with Piers Morgan on his ‘Good Morning Britain’ (see hereunder for video) show, Mr Farage called Black Lives Matter a far-left Marxist organisation whose sole purpose is to defund the police.

New form of Taliban

“A new form of the Taliban was born in the UK today,” Farage wrote Sunday on Twitter. “Unless we get moral leadership quickly our cities won’t be worth living in.”

LBC decided that the main Brexiteer’s program would disappear, but refuses to officially state that he was fired. In their press release, they only say that there were talks about a contract extension, and that they have decided to terminate the program. Given that Mr Farage’s program was the station’s most popular show, it seems an odd explanation.

The Huffington Post and The Telegraph have both claimed to have confirmed sources within LBC that state the other radio hosts had asked for Mr Farage’s dismissal.

Contract is up

“Nigel Farage’s contract with LBC is up very shortly and, following discussions with him, Nigel is stepping down from LBC with immediate effect,” LBC said in a statement. “We thank Nigel for the enormous contribution he has made to LBC and wish him well.”

According to British media, there is more to it. Many newspapers point out that the decision follows the criticism Farage voiced on the Black Lives Matter movement a few days ago. He compared the removal of the statue of slave trader Edward Colston in Bristol to the work of the Taliban.

During a discussion on Good Morning Britain, Mr Farage stated: “If you want to remove statues, if want to change your architecture, then you do that democratically and sensibly,” before also noting that Colton, the slave trader whose statue was brought down, used the money he earned through the Royal African Company to become a “big philanthropist.”

Others also pointed out that other LBC presenters were bothered by Farage’s program. For example, some black presenters indicated that they think the channel is doing too little to combat racism.

Farage presented his radio show five days a week. He has not yet officially responded to the discontinuation.

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