Did Craig Wright Admit To Hacking Mount Gox?

The long-running Craig Wright court case is getting more and more crazy. One of the Tulip Trust cryptographic addresses that Wright’s lawyers claim to possess is linked to the famous Mount Gox hack. Mark Karpèles, the former CEO of Mt Gox seems immediately innocent. Or not?

Allow me to explain why the world of crypto is upside down today.

Craig Wright and Mount Gox

Craig Wright is self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto and claims to be the inventor and developer of Bitcoin. According to Wright’s story, he developed Bitcoin with Dave Kleiman and Hal Finney.

Due to the death of his former business partner Kleiman in 2013, he may soon obtain the private keys that give him access to all Bitcoin in the so-called Tulip Trust document.

Dave Kleiman’s family, however, claims a part of the fortune. The crypto world is forced to follow the case because the real Satoshi Nakamoto is entitled to the 1.1 million first Bitcoins mined. If they are moved from their wallets, the price of Bitcoin could fluctuate considerably.

Mount Gox meanwhile was the first major Bitcoin exchange. However, this notorious company is best known for going bankrupt in 2014 after a series of hacks that were never resolved. The then CEO of Mt. Gox, Frenchman Mark Karpèles, is believed by some to be the real culprit, but there is no evidence.

Okay, now we can start.

Tweet from Karpèles

The former CEO of Mt Gox, Mark Karpèles, suddenly noticed that a court document used by Craig Wright’s legal team contains an address that seems quite familiar to him. It is true that one of the addresses which, according to Craig Wright, belongs to the Tulip Trust is the address at which certain Bitcoins were found during a hack of Mt Gox.

Karpelès said: ‘The 1Feex address contains ~80k BTC stolen from MtGox in March 2011. Craig Wright is claiming to have been in control of this address until recently, admitting legal liability for damages and interest?’

In other words, if Craig Wright wants to prove that he owns the Tulip Trust, he must also immediately admit that he was part of the team that performed the Mount Gox hack. Anyone who lost some of their Bitcoins in 2014 will know immediately who to turn to.

You can understand that the world of crypto is in turmoil today. Many well-known crypto stars no longer know who is right or wrong.

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