New North Korea Girlboss Carries Out Threat And Blows Border Office

There are once again strong military tensions between the two Koreas. According to South Korea, North Korea blew up a border liaison office.

The North Korean army had announced earlier on Tuesday that it was ready to take action. The cause of the tensions is the alleged ‘propaganda’ defectors are sending to the north. Remarkable is that it isn’t North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, but his sister Kim Yo-jong is who is leading the military during this new conflict.

North Korea has blown up an inter-Korean liaison agency in the border city of Kaesong. That’s what South Korean sources say. The explosion occurred at 2:49 pm local time, a spokeswoman for the Ministry of Unification in Seoul said. Further details about the explosion are not known for the time being. Earlier there were reports of an explosion in the area.

The agency was opened in Kaesong in September 2018. It was part of the rapprochement between the two Koreas. The aim was to improve communication between the two countries.

Anti-Pyongyang Leaflets

The news of the explosion comes after it became known that the North Korean People’s Army had prepared an “action plan” to withdraw parts of the demilitarized zone and turn the front line into a fortress. That zone between North and South Korea was demilitarized under an inter-Korea pact in 2018. Later, the regime cut all communication channels, especially the military, with “enemy” South Korea.

The tensions were prompted by the “propaganda” that South Korea would send to North Korea. Pyongyang thus refers to action groups consisting of North Korean defectors who send anti-Pyongyang pamphlets, food, mini-radios and USB sticks with South Korean dramas and news to the north via bottles in a river or balloons. Pyongyang is therefore threatening to sever inter-Korean ties and take retaliatory measures

Kim Yo-jong, the sister of Kim Jong-un, who is a senior member of the ruling Workers’ Party, is taking the lead in this new conflict. She said on Saturday that she had instructed the military to prepare for an unspecified “next action.” It is quite striking that Kim Jong-un’s younger sister takes the lead.

South Korea “takes situation seriously”

The Seoul Defense Ministry has already called on Pyongyang to adhere to the 2018 agreement. The situation is being taken seriously, and South Korea says the military is ready “to respond to any situation.”

Seoul also says it plans to take legal action against two of the action groups for stirring tensions, damaging the environment and endangering residents living near the border.

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