‘Grand Theft Auto’ Dijon Lawlessness Mocked On Social Media

France decided to send in police reinforcements to quell the lawlessness on the streets of Dijon after four days of unrest. The UK newspaper Daily Mail stated that President Macron had sent ‘the army’ but they are simply heavily armed police forces. In any case, the tension and the imagery are still incredible.

As we’ve previously reported, streetfights broke out between rival gangs of Chechen and Arab youngsters after a 16-year-old Chechen boy had been severely beaten.

The images of youth wearing face-covering masks, armed with guns in the capital of the French burgundy region has send shivers down the spines of French politicians.

“The police did not do their job properly. Territorial intelligence is supposed to inform the authorities about what may happen. However, these Chechens have passed through the information nets. They rushed into the city and, for three days, they looked for those French who had beaten up this young Chechen,” admits the mayor of Dijon, François Rebsamen.

Although it was easy to dismiss the violence as a fait divers during the first few days, by now the whole world has discovered it.

Meanwhile social media is mocking the French for their reaction with many wondering whether the next installment of Grand Theft Auto, the popular video game, shouldn’t simply be called ‘Dijon City’.

Never a good sign when Indian TV starts describing events in France as a war zone where two groups of refugees are fighting each other.

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