French Supermarket Offers PS4 At $99 – Police Uses Teargas On Major Crowd

In order to celebrate the return after lockdown, a French discount supermarket (Lidl) had offered a one time promotion of a Playstation4 at 95€.

For a console that normally is sold at 300 € in France, a fabulous deal. What they didn’t expect was that the crowd of possible shoppers would be so big that the only solution was to keep the supermarket closed, call in the police and teargas everyone.

A Lidl store in the Yvelines, wanted to get all the attention for it’s opening by offering the Playstation 4 game console at an unbeatable price. The police had to violently intervene to stem the many customers who came in large numbers.

It was the best deal of the day and surely not to be missed! A Lidl store in the Yvelines department wanted to offer a very attractive offer for its opening. History to mark the occasion, the sign of discount supermarkets decided to sell the console of Sony, the Playstation 4, at a price well below its value: 95 Euros (around $99).

A huge promotion which obviously brought a lot of people together. As you can see in the many videos, several hundreds of people came to wait for the opening of the store to take advantage of the good deal, sometimes on site since Tuesday.

Tensions grew stronger in front of the supermarket doors, and in the end the police had to intervene to disperse customers, even going as far as gassing the crowd.

Funny thing is that many social media stars had informed beforehand their followers of the fabulous deal, and were warning at the same time that the grocery store would be overrun.

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