How Scared Are Wall Street Titans Of AOC?

The ‘Masters of the Universe’ in Wall Street may in public appear to be critical of the Presidency of Donald Trump, but when it comes to a choice between Democratic superstar AOC and her less left-leaning opponent as representative for the US congress in New York, their choice is quite clear.

Various Wall Street firms have seen their CEO’s give the maximum amount to the opponent of Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez’s in the upcoming Democratic primary in New York, data from the FEC shows.

Among the donors were Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon and Blackstone CEO Steve Schwarzman. Both of them have given to Michelle Caruso-Cabrera, a former NBC reporter, and it is clear that any of the firms personnel is urged to follow their move now that their bosses backing has been made public.

Ms Ocasio-Cortez responded to the news: “It’s not surprising that Republicans would finance the campaign of a life-long Republican in a Democratic primary.”

“While we have pushed against corporate power with policies that favour everyday working Americans, those donors prefer to bankroll a candidate who answers to Wall Street over the needs of our constituents.”

Ms Ocasio-Cortez has been critical of her opponent’s past and credentials to run as a Democrat. Ms Caruso-Cabrera was registered as a Republican until 2015 and has written a book about the financial crisis called ‘You Know I’m Right’.

However, although Ms Ocasio-Cortez leads the fundraising stakes with her $10.5 million (versus $2 million for Ms Caruso-Cabrera), her ideas may upset many voters. As earlier reported, only 16% of Democratic voters seem to be willing to follow the Black Lives Matter idea to ‘defund the police’.

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