Was Iranian (22) Axed To Death By Her Father For ‘Coming Home Late’?

For the third time in less than a month, Iranian social media is rocked by another ‘honor killing’.

In all three cases, the victims were pretty young girls or women. This time round, 22-year-old Rayhaneh Ameri, was, as admitted by the local police department ‘killed by her father with an iron bar.‘ According to Iranian social media, the girl had ‘come home late.’

Earlier reporting that the father used an ax was not immediately confirmed by police.

Young Iranians on social media have been expressing their outrage about the news of the young girl being murdered by her enraged father, as more and more of the young population try to change the country’s rules and traditions. The latest gruesome act comes in the same month where another young Iranian, Fourteen-year-old Romina Ashrafi was beheaded by her father with a sickle.

Problem is that the legal system in Iran allows these fathers mostly to walk free afterwards or serve a minimum of jail time.

However, with a growing younger population who have access to internet, there is a growing call for these rules to be changed.

Rayhaneh Ameri

In a detailed report, local Iranian Rokna news agency said, “On Monday morning, when Rayhaneh’s sister visited her parents’ home, she found the house in a mess, while nobody was home.”

After Reyhaneh’s mother returned, Rokna adds, the two went to Rayhaneh’s room and found garments soaked in her blood. Later, police found traces of blood leading to Rayhaneh’s father’s car. Tracking the father’s cell phone revealed that he had gone to the village nearby. Shortly afterward, he confessed to killing his daughter with an ax and throwing her away in the village.

According to Rokna’s report, Rayhaneh’s father confessed murdering his daughter at eleven PM and based on a forensic report, Rayhaneh was alive two hours before police discovered what had happened but had died of profuse bleeding.

“Rayhaneh Ameri, another Romina; another young girl killed by her father’s ax, merely for coming back home late. We are returning to the Stone and Ice Age, when they just hunted and killed animals to survive. They did not kill their own species,” a twitter user stated.

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