Tennis N°1 Djokovic Flees To Monaco Upon Positive Corona Test

Another extra blemish on the already heavily tarnished image of tennis number one Novak Djokovic. Against the advice of the worldwide tennis federation, Djokovic had organised a tournament in his home country of Croatia. There, several players tested positive and now even Djokovic and his wife have caught the Coronavirus.

After the positive test of Bulgarian tennis player Grigor Dimitrov, the Serb immediately left Croatia on Sunday evening to travel to Monaco via Serbia. In this way he avoided a mandatory corona test that all participants of the Adria Tour in Croatia had to undergo.

If one top athlete emerges from the corona period as heavily damaged, it must be Djokovic. As the face of the heavily smeared exhibition tournament in the Balkans, he is currently under heavy scrutiny and details are now emerging about how he tried to avoid his responsibility. Because after the positive test of the Bulgarian Grigor Dimitrov on Sunday, all participating players and their staff members had to take an emergency test in Croatian Zadar immediately, Djokovic returned to Belgrade to be tested there, and then fled for his residence in upscale Monaco, France.

Monaco had not registered a single infection for three weeks. This came to an end on 21 June.

Father Djokovic: “Dimitrov is the big culprit”

Meanwhile, in the Serbian and Croatian media, Djokovic’s father points with an accusing finger at Dimitrov, the Bulgarian who was present in both Belgrade and Zadar.

Although he was not feeling well, he still played against Coric. After Coric’s positive test on Monday, the tournament was immediately canceled. “Dimitrov’s behavior has caused great damage to Serbia and Croatia and to our family in particular,” said Srdjan Djokovic. Because why did this happen? Because he probably caught the virus somewhere and didn’t get tested here. Somewhere else, who knows where … I don’t think that’s possible. ”

Srdjan Djokovic, who also lashed out at Federer last week, is not afraid of physical consequences for his son, but for mental ones. “Nobody is good at this, not even Novak …. Of course this affects him, but what can he do? It is what it is. Novak must now mainly try to protect himself, in order to get out of this even stronger. ”

Five blunders

Meanwhile, Ben Rothenberg, tennis reporter for the New York Times, wonders which of the five quarantine blunders Djokovic made is the largest. His outing as an anti-vaccinator, his Instagram conversations with charlatans, his theory that polluted water can be converted into pure water by positivity, his orgy during the Adria Tour or the rapid exit from Croatia after Dimitrov’s positive test.

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