VeChain Checks The Authenticity Of Your Nike Shoes

Another major score for VeChain now that they can track the authenticity of Nike shoes. In a world were youngsters are the first investors in all things crypto, another big win for the small altcoin which is having a fantastic 2020.

Nike Air Max 1

VeChain’s  to Blockchain-based traceability platform has this year already made projects to check the authenticity of KN95 masks in the US and patient data for a hospital chain in Cyprus, but now it is about to break into the sneaker market as well.

Australian shoemaker Chase Shiel and retailer The Kickz Stand announced that Vechain would be tracking the autenticity of a limited-edition run of licensed Nike Air Max 1 shoes.

Thanks to a QR code, customers who buy the limited edition shoes will be able to gain detailed product information which proves the products authenticity.

Commenters on Reddit were very enthusiastic about the new project, with some stating that this is indeed the way to go for VeChain. An influencer stated : “This is the best strategy by Vechain. Target the small shoe companies that have released Nike licensed products, and maybe eventually Nike comes calling.”

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