Parisian Illegal ‘Project X’ Party Turns Into Mass Riot

In Paris, violence broke out last night between the police and hundreds of young people. This happened when police officers were forced to intervene after several thousands of youngsters had arrived at an improvised illegal party in the Esplanade des Invalides park area.

French youngsters gathered after several influencers on social media asked them to come to the park citing Project X, a 2012 US film about a big party getting out completely of hand.

As the mass gathering of youngsters clearly broke the Covid-19 rules in place for the Parisian territory, the police decided to intervene around midnight.

Young people threw fireworks and bottles at officers, who then use tear gas to disperse the crowd.

It is still unclear whether people have been injured and whether arrests have been made.

In other cities, too, young people increasingly organize this type of party as resistance to the corona measures. For example, the police in London repeatedly clashed with visitors to an illegal street party this week.

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